Refrigerated Vans: A Quick Guide

A lot of major businesses around the globe need refrigerated vans to transport their products. From farming to medicinal purposes you will most definitely find a refrigerated van in the highway if you look closely. And if you are in one of this type of business then you should know a lot about refrigerated vans. But if you just started in that type of business where you need a refrigerated van to transport all your products and you want to know more about them, then you are in the right place.

First things first, refrigerated van is a van that is installed with insulation and a refrigeration system. It is mostly used to transfer any type of products that need a certain degree of temperature in order for the product not to perish while still on the road. And this refrigerated van has 3 different types. First is the insulation only van, which makes use of a 50mm thick insulation so that the heat will not accumulate quickly, this type of van also does not have a refrigeration system installed. Second is the chiller conversion van, which also makes use of a 50mm thick insulation, the only difference is that it is installed with a chiller refrigeration system, but it will not be able to freeze the products. And lastly we have the freezer conversion van, which has a much thicker insulation padding which is roughly 75mm thick to 100mm thick insulation, these van will have a freezer refrigeration system installed along with a defrosting system.

Secondly, now that we know the 3 types of refrigerated van let us now address on what type of products is best on that type of refrigerated van. Firstly the insulation only van, since it does not have a refrigeration unit, it may not be able to handle certain types of fruits and vegetables, and will most definitely not be able to handle frozen goods, so it is generally best for things like flowers or plants, so florist and botanist always use this type of refrigerated van. Secondly the chiller conversion van may also be able to transfer some flowers and plants, but it is not recommended, so its main use is for chilled goods such as fruits and vegetables. And lastly the freezer conversion van, it basically will not be able to transfer flowers, plants, vegetable and fruits since it will get frozen, so mostly meat products and other type of frozen goods are ideal for this type of refrigerated van.  To read more about refrigerated transport service, check out .